Assembling of Thyristor / Transistor Modules
Modules are formed by mounting a number of semiconductor devices (like transistor, igbts, thyristor, diodes, etc.) on a circuit device. These modules include more than one device junctions or chips in a single housing. These are isolated versions and number of devices can be mounted on same heat sink, making the assembly easy.

Applications of Thyristor and Transistor Modules
Like mentioned above, thyristor modules and transistor modules provide a convenient way of using these semi conductor devices. These modules can be used for the following applications:

  • DC motor control
  • Solid state switches
  • For light, heat and temperature control
  • As a soft starter

Advantages of Modules and Transistor Modules
Modules provide many advantages over single transistors and thyristors.

Modules are:

  • Easy to mount with two screws
  • Space and weight savings
  • Improved temperature and power cycling
  • High power density