We have tried to answer questions frequently asked by our customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question that is not answered below.

Q. My equipment supplier has blocked the component identity. How do I go about procuring it?
A. We can assist you in decoding the component based upon our past experience and knowledge. In some rare cases if it’s a proprietary item, we will regret in the initial stage itself without wasting your valuable time.

Q. Do you charge for decoding component identity?
A. No, we appreciate your valuable order and regular business; this is merely a service to the customer.

A. We have sheets which can establish the fact that the offered component is exactly same in specification of what is the original requirement.

Q. How do I go about ordering the component needed?
A. We will submit our Quotation which is clear in all aspects in technical as well as commercial details. Then you can place the order.

Q. In case the part is not available in ready stock, when next is the incoming?
A. Generally all standard requirements we do have in ready stock. We also have our own inventory planning, so by and large customer will not have to wait to fulfill his urgent need.

Q. What is the function of a fuse?
A fuse is generally inserted into an electrical circuit either to protect the power source which includes the wire that connects the power supply to the electrical device, or to protect the electronic equipment. It is crucial to use a fuse as specified by the manufacturing company. If you use a fuse that is not right, it may cause a catastrophic failure. When you’re thinking of replacing a blown fuse with a higher rated fuse ask yourself if you know more than the engineer who designed the equipment. Don’t get in a hurry when installing electronic equipment. Take the time to go get the right fuse. As someone has aptly said: “letting the smoke out of an electronic device is a process that converts a useful piece of electronic equipment into a paper weight.”

Q. Why should I use fuses for protecting my semi conductor devices?
A. Semiconductor devices are produced with high maximum continuous currents and peak inverse voltages. However these devices have poor overload capacities that is why they need sensetive and fast acting protection. Not using fuses for semiconductor protection could have catastrophic consequences. Power supply and IGBT output at frequency inverters both low and medium power are encapsulated. Very often removal of components such as Diodes/Thyristors/IGBT(Transistors) is very very difficult and removal and replacement of fuse is much easier!

Q. Does Innova keep a ready inventory of discontinued products?
A. Yes for certain known parts ,we do have lifetime inventories.

Q. Does Innova provide service outside India?
A. Yes, we are already into exports and have an account with people like DHL.

Q. Does Innova pass on excise / cvd within the price?
A. Yes, we do. Only in case of small orders we are compelled to charge our customers.

Q. We are currently talking about this breakdown requirement. But can INNOVA suggest us suitable parts for all our equipment if we give our systems data?
A. Yes and very much. In many cases,t he customer has given lists of entire fuse and semiconductor parts they need.In such cases we always ensure that we are in a position to offer the entire commodity, i.e. semiconductor fuses, thyristor modules, IGBT modules and so on.

Q. For assured bulk business can INNOVA sign a rate contract?
A. Yes, we do so for bulk and committed customers. In that case, the annual orders are released and smooth deliveries are facilitated.

Q. Is INNOVA properly connected to all courier networks for all geographical areas to ensure efficient logistics?
A. Yes, very much. In most cases, we prefer to utilize the customer preferred courier or transport service.

Q. Do you have an account in a Multicity Bank so that we can make a payment by local cheque, depositing it locally in our own area?
A. Yes, we have account with Citibank as well as Bank of Maharashtra and all necessary details can be given for speedy remittance.