Encoder is an electronic device, which transform physical values in electrical signals through the opto – electronic reading of a coded disk.

An Encoder produces a series of square waves as it rotates. The number of square waves cycles produced per one turn of the shaft is called the Encoder Resolution.

Incremental Encoders:
Incremental encoders work by rotating a code disc in the path of a light source with the code disc acting like a shutter to alternately shut off or transmit the light to a photo detector. Thus, the resolution of the encoder is same as number of lines on the code disc will have 360 lines on it and one turn of the encoder shaft will produce 360 complete square waves cycles, each cycle indicating one degree of shaft Encoder.

Encoders are used anywhere position or speed feedback is required to control something, they are employed over a wide variety of industries including Steel, material handling, elevators, machine tool, printing, food processing and automotive manufacturing.

Absolute Encoders:
Absolute Encoder provided a “whole word” output with a unique code pattern representing each position. This code is derived from independent tracks on the encoder disc corresponding to individual photo – detectors. The output from these detectors is HI or LO depending on the code disc pattern for that particular position.

Absolute Encoders are used in application where a device is inactive for long period of time or moves at a slow rate, such as flood gate control, telescope, cranes, valves etc. they are also recommended in systems that must retain position information through a power outage.

Range of Encoders

  • Incremental Encoders – Ø 40mm to ø 200mm
  • Absolute Encoders – Ø 58mm to 200mm
  • Wire draw encoders. – Incremental, Absolute & Analog
  • Opto-Tacho Encoders – Ø 90mm
  • Modular Encoders – Incremental & Absolute combination.

Complete range of encoders
– Shafted and Hollow shaft
– Supervision max control
– Over-speed switches: Shafted and blind shaft.

– Shafted and Hollow shaft
– Single-turn & Multi-turn
– SSI, Profi-bus, CAN open & Device Net.
– Modular
– Duplex & Triplex in Incremental, Absolute, Tachos & Over-speed

Encoder for Metal Industry application

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