Electrical and electronic safety is an important and special subject in itself. There are many electrical and electronic devices that are used in the industry, and it is beyond the scope of this article to cover all of them. As we primarily deal in semiconductor fuses, thyristor and transistor modules and other passive devices, we are giving some cautions and warnings pertaining to these devices that will lead to a safer work environment.

  • Semiconductor fuses are used to prevent large semiconductor devices (IGBTs, GTOs, diodes etc) from rupturing and causing secondary damages to the rest of the system and people in the event of a short circuit. They are usually not intended to prevent the semiconductor device from failing.
  • Thyristor modules may only be used in combination with appropriate pre-switched grid separator device.
  • Transistor and thyristor modules have to be projected in such a way that in case of any failure no uncontrolled high current and voltages may occur. They have to be protected against moisture and dust, and sufficiently cooled.
  • The power capacitors of thyristor modules are permanently loaded to the peak value of the grid voltage (DC voltage) even when switched off. Abundant caution must be used to protect them.
  • Thyristor modules in general have to be protected by super fast electronic fuses.
  • Even in switched off state no electrical isolation is achieved for electronic switches. Therefore parts of the systems may not be touched after switching off the complete system before the capacitors have been completely discharged.