The tradition of capacitor production in Eastern Thuringia dates back more than 70 years. 1938’s small SIEMENS outlet

producing DC capacitors for radio appliances has evolved into one of the world’s leading specialists in high class capacitors for power factor correction, harmonic filtering, traction and DC link, for white goods, fluorescent lighting and many other AC and DC applications. With its three German manufacturing sites, ELECTRONICON is the country’s largest capacitor manufacturer.

Over 40 years of experience in metallizing papers and films are as crucial to Electronicon’s success as the more than 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing capacitors. Besides the cost advantages and extended quality control, our modern metallizing plant provides for higher flexibility and faster availability of materials than with the majority of our competitors. It is also the foundation of Electronicon’s very own know-how in metal coating techniques and distinguishes our products from all those depending on the expertise of external metallizers.

Electronion’s highly versatile collection of winding machines is one of Europe’s biggest, and a prerequisite of our huge product variety – matching the requirements of our markets.

Manufacturing capacitors in Germany can be highly competitive – thanks to high productivity and automation in key departments.

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