Environmental awareness has led to an increased demand for photo voltaic (PV) systems. Cooper Bussmann, the world leaders in fuses of all kinds, has rose to the occasion by developing a range of PV fuses, specifically to protect solar panel PV cell strings. As with other fuses, Cooper Bussmann PV fuses are the result of exhaustive research and based on practical needs of the industry.

Why PV Fuses

Over the last fifty years or so, solar photo voltaic systems have matured into sustainable and commercially viable technology. Solar cells are beginning to increase in efficiency and functionality. Solar power is thus beginning to gain as a viable source of alternate energy. As their use increases, PV fuses are needed to protect these photo voltaic systems from overloading and prevent the equipment and conductors from malfunctioning.

Working of Cooper Bussmann PV Fuses

The latest solar panel systems that have been introduced in the market contain photovoltaic strings that consist of small solar power cells. These cells are connected in series or parallel. However, there can be a limited current condition that can create a short circuit. Standard fuses are not geared to handle such small current. The PV fuses from Cooper Bussmann detect even small fluctuations in the electric current that effectively isolate faulted photovoltaic cell strings and protect the underlying equipment. Further, these fuses have developed through coordinated research and testing with leading solar panel / solar system manufacturers. As a result, these fuses offer complete protection.

The Cooper Bussmann PV Fuses Range

Depending on the desired capacity of the PV system, there may be several PV strings connected in parallel to achieve higher currents and subsequently more power.

The Cooper Bussmann fuses with full range low-fault current operation are recognized by design engineers as the tried and tested means for protecting PV arrays. With ratings from 8A to 15A at 1000Vdc, the new Cooper Bussmann PV Fuse line complies with the 'gR' operating class and is manufactured to meet global standards of the 10 x 38mm fuse package for coordination with 4", 5" and 6" solar cell panels. The fuses are tested and approved to IEC 60269, and provide full-range protection with minimum interrupting ratings down to 1.3 x In.

The popular 10 x 38mm cylindrical fuse package allows using off-the-shelf modular fuse holders, fuse blocks, PCB clips, bolt fixing blocks, and also come with available tabs for direct soldering onto a circuit board.

Innova Enterprises can supply all the range of Cooper Bussmann fuses wherever in the world you are located.